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Gen-Z Fabric DRAM Memory Controller (Mamba)

The IPA-GZ194A-CT, code name “Mamba,” is a Gen-Z Fabric DRAM Memory
Controller that provides scalable memory centric, low latency, high bandwidth DRAM memory to the host as volatile storage media. The “Mamba” device sits on the Gen-Z fabric as opposed to the DDR4 memory bus providing scaling flexibility not possible on the memory bus. The streamlined Gen-Z protocol stack also allows for high bandwidth and low latency throughput. Additionally, multiple data masters (CPU) can directly access the Mamba device through a Gen-Z switch allowing data provisioning and data sharing between CPUs. The IPA-GZ194A-CT contains a multi-channel memory controller supporting DRAM capacities up to 768GB using 3DS DRAM components and has the available bandwidth to saturate the Gen-Z Fabric.


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Gen-Z Fabric Memory Controller (Mamba) IPA-GZ194A-CT

Applications Include

  • Memory intensive High Performance Computing
  • Disaggregated memory applications
  • Byte and block addressable memory applications
  • Low and deterministic latency applications

Features of the Gen-Z Fabric DRAM Memory Controller

  • Deterministic access latency
    • 400ns access latency
  • Bandwidth
    • 30GB/s random W/R bandwidth
  • Supports multiple access semantics
    • Byte and Block addressable DRAM access
    • In-band configuration support
    • Supports Access Key/Region Key memory isolation opcodes
    • Integrated 4 port switch enabling multiple fabric topologies and component scaling
  • Media
    • DDR4 Memory controller
    • Support for 3DS components
    • Support for 9 to 18 cycles of CAS write latency
    • JEDEC-compliant DDR4 initialization support
    • SECDED ECC on DRAM memory
  • Gen-Z OpClass Support
    • Core64
    • Control
    • Atomic 1
  • Gen-Z Phy Support
    • 16 total lanes (4x, 4-lane)
    • 802.3 25Gbps/lane Phy support
    • 400Gbps aggregate performance
    • Write command collision detection and ordering logic
  • RAS
    • Media scrubbing (background ECC detection and correction)
    • Gen-Z Lane Reduction support
    • Temperature dependent refresh rate support
  • Controller Power
    • 20W Active


Request the Gen-Z Fabric DRAM Memory Controller (Mamba) Product Brief ...>
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