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SATA Bridge with NCQ

sata bridge with NCQThe SATA Bridge with NCQ "Hydra" (IPA-SA117A-BR) is an integrated circuit that increases the amount of storage and improves performance by aggregating two or four SATA drives into one and presents these multiple physical SATA storage devices as a single logical unit to the host. HYDRA based volumes are capable of reaching 4X the capacity of a single drive and with Native Command Queuing support (NCQ), very high performance is achieved in both read and write modes maximizing IOPS and throughput.

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Applications of the SATA Bridge with NCQ

The IntelliProp IPA-SA117A-BR addresses the following customer application needs:

  • SSD manufacturers with a need to build larger drives using smaller capacity drives
  • Applications requiring high bandwidth and IOPS
  • Applications requiring continued SMART monitoring


Features of the SATA Bridge with NCQ

  • Hardware only – no firmware intervention required for read or write I/Os
  • NCQ command support
  • DSM support – TRIM Commands
  • SMART command support
  • Spread spectrum clocking support
  • Supports external DDR3
  • Integrated CPU
  • Supports 2 or 4 drives; cascadable for higher drive count
  • Supports SATA Gen-3 (6.0 GHz) speed
  • Achieves scalable performance and capacity with the number of drives
  • Stripe size targeting page size of flash
  • Power mode support (DIPM/HIPM)
  • Direct Drive access for maintenance or vendor commands
  • Industrial temp range: –40° to +100° C


Request a SATA Bridge with NCQ “Hydra” datasheet...>


Reference Board

Our SATA Bridge with NCQ reference board (IPB-SA118A-BD) is available for system evaluation.

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